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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Push Polling, Reston (tm) style

"Do you know the the following person: George W. Bush?"

This was really one of the first questions of a "telephone survey of likely voters" we just received at Restonian HQ. When we responded with a response other than a confused globule of spittle, the polltaker duly pressed on.

Turns out the survey was a push poll sponsored by the Republican Party of Virginia. There were scads of questions about the House of Delegates and local delegate Tom Rust, all of which centered around 1) the menace of illegal immigrants, 2) the new aggressive driver fees (which Rust helped sponsor), and 3) the importance of making English the official language.

Here's an idea: Let's make the fees apply only to illegal immigrants who speak English. Here at Restonian, we're uniters, not dividers.

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