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Monday, September 26, 2022

The Macaroni Grill Lives On, Albeit Six Time Zones Away

V. v. exciting news from Confidential Restonian Operative "Stephen." On a trip halfway around the globe, he made a shocking discovery:

As former peasants from less sought after South Reston, we are long-time followers of the Oracle of Reston (AKA “Restonian”).  Last week while visiting the island of Hawaii (AKA “The Big Island”), we sought lunch in a very Reston-like shopping area in a “resort community” that clearly had very strong HOA control over architecture and whatnot. 

Imagine our excitement to find the “anchor” chain eatery was none other than Macaroni Grill!  Complete with “island vibe” including an Aloha sign over the exit and a surfboard sporting the Macaroni Grill logo over the kitchen.   

As a wise man once said, no matter where you go, there you are with the crayons next to the not-so-seasoned seasonings on the newspaper placemat.

Forgive us if we get a bit emotional.

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