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Friday, February 26, 2016

We May Not Have the Biggest Snowpile, But Ours Is The Cleanest

Because nothing else is going on in the world that might require the attention of a "news paper," the Washington Post decided to share pictures from the variety of snowpiles still littering the region. While Reston Town Center famously had a pile that lasted well into the spring last year, we didn't get the honor of "biggest snowpile" this time around. But check out this side-by-side comparison of RTC's 2016 snowpile (top) and one at Fairfax Town Center (bottom) from the Post article:

RTC vs Fx TC

Ours is much prettier, and -- dare we say it? -- theirs is grittier. Guess it's time for another dumpster fire or infestation to reassert RTC's urban cred, the end.

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