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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: Tomorrow's BZA Hearing The Beginning of the End, or the Ending of the Beginning

As we gird our land use loins, figuratively speaking, for Wednesday's big showdown on the future of Reston National Golf Course, we're glad that our BFFs at Rescue Reston have broken out their "l33t," as the kids haven't said since 2011, Photoshop skills.

The good news is that Rescue Reston's legal justifications are considerably stronger. Fairfax County's planning staff issued a report urging the BZA to uphold Reston National's designation as permanent open space. Someone, presumably armed with a flashlight and a machete, managed to find the original 1971 planning documents that say the same thing in unambiguous terms. More than 300 people showed up for a rally a few weekends ago, auguring good attendance for tomorrow's public hearing.

A PDF summarizing the legal arguments from Rescue Reston's attorney are here, and you can read the county staff report here. But if all those legal words and whatnot are too complicated, here's a helpful scorecard that RR put together:

Official Lineup
But the hearing is only the first step. If the BZA upholds the current zoning designation, Northwestern Mutual can then proceed with legal action, which is a perfectly sensible thing to do when you're just curious and exploring your options. Especially given, as our BFFs at Reston Now have pointed out, that Northwestern Mutual and Lerner, allegedly the unknown developer behind the massive redevelopment plans curiosity about the status of the land already know the missing documents were found -- and didn't much care:

Subsequent to the submission of this appeal application the development plan copies were located, and the appellant was provided with copies of these development plans, which occurred prior to the initially scheduled public hearing date(s) in 2012.
So is this the beginning of the end for plans to redevelop the golf course, or the ending of the beginning of a protracted legal battle? We'll find out soon enough.

Logistical information about tomorrow morning's hearing from Rescue Reston is here. They're still urging as many people as possible to attend, which strikes us as a pretty good idea, the end.


  1. I'll be there. Green space near a silver line station just cries out to be paved over. I don't live on the golf course or even play golf. But my brother's NIMBY is my NIMBY.

    When some sleaz...fine upstanding developer finds a loophole allowing him to asphalt the floodplain in my back yard I shall call, "NIMBY," and hope the troops will gather as they did for Rescue Reston.

    Meanwhile, my usual contributions to Democratic Party candidates will go to Rescue Reston.

  2. The story has now been picked up by the Washington Post:

  3. WC Fields asked why he was reading the Bible replied, "I'm looking for loopholes."

    So it goes. Zoning staff gave firm recommendation that "permanent open space," meant "open" and "permanent." This garnered resounding applause from the sea of yellow shirts.

    Then the loop-holing began. "This document is missing a stamp." "There's an error on this hand-written form." You have a period upside-down."

    Face it. Every green spot larger than an ashtray wears a bullseye for land speculator/developers. Thanks, Silver Line. I despair for my less-desirable South Reston.

    1. So we need three things to happen ASAP:

      > A Wolf (developer) Trap station
      > Phase II complete and a Phase III (Leesburg) funded
      > Incorporate Reston


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