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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to the Big Time: Reston Band RDGLDGRN Makes TeeVee Debut


Legitimately awesome Reston band RDGLDGRN (pronounced "Red-Gold-Green"), which has slowly but steadily been building "cred," as the kids today no longer say, in the music scene, made their national television debut last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sadly, ABC doesn't allow videos to be embedded, so clicky here and skip ahead to the 40-minute mark, almost as if you were pressing the fast forward button on a VCR or something.

Between RDGLDGRN, pop music's number-one hit maker and American Idol contestants, Reston is becoming quite the music scene! Who knows, by the time the Metro arrives, we could be besieged by knit cap-wearing hipsters, eager to find the next Austin Seattle transit-oriented development where food trucks visit once a week. Oh, wait -- too late.

Seriously, we wish RDGLDGRN the best, and hope that their much-deserved success finally allows them to buy some vowels for their name, the end.

Updated: Okay, here's a video embed of last night's performance Maybe it'll work: that annoyingly auto-plays whenever you load the page, so follow the link instead. Very 1998, ABC, very 1998. And here's the other song they played during the credits.

And here's a music video from the Fab Four Mauve Three:

Washington Post web logger Tom Jackman has more.

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