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Friday, February 15, 2013

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: RA, Hudgins Not Fans of Secret Golf Course Negotiations, Assuming They Exist (Updated: Maybe They Don't)

caddyshack gofer.jpegIn light of rumors circulating about a possible deal involving the proposed redevelopment of the Reston National Golf Course, the Reston Association has written a letter saying it is not aware of any "meetings or discussions," but that it should be part of any conversations if they are happening. The letter states:

The Reston Association is not aware of any such negotiations or meetings. It has not been invited to in any such discussions. We have been told by County staff and Park Authority staff that they are unaware of any such discussions.

The Reston Association Board is hopeful that these are merely rumors; because this issue is far too important for secretive meetings among a select few. Any re-planning and redevelopment of the Reston National Golf Course needs to be openly discussed and involve the entire Reston community. The Reston Association, on behalf of its members and itself, has a very real interest at stake in any re-planning and redevelopment of the golf course. Any such discussions should include a Reston Association representative, as well as other members of the community. It should be an open and transparent process.
The letter also reiterates the RA board's opposition to redevelopment of the golf course, saying "the Board has heard, overwhelmingly, from Reston Association members, that redevelopment of the golf course to other than open space and recreational uses would have significant detrimental consequences on its members and on the Reston life-style."

Update: Supervisor Cathy Hudgins has issued her own statement pointing out that she, like the RA, is not involved in any discussions with the developers or any other party. She says:
Contrary to the Reston Patch and Reston 2020 reports, I have not been involved with any discussions with RNGC owners, Reston Association, Fairfax County Park Authority or others regarding any activity associated with this property… Let’s remember that Reston’s original planning and development required open space for active and passive recreation and I feel confident that will continue.
In a RESTONIAN WORLD EXCLUSIVE, we have obtained grainy cellphone footage of what the "secret negotiations" just might have sounded like:



  1. Hudgins denies "involvement" in any discussions, but doesn't deny that there are any discussions or her knowledge of them.

    Maybe one of her staff has been monitoring negotiations...

    Maybe there aren't any discussions...

    RA is clearly out of the loop if there is one.

    Doesn't sound like we know a whole lot more now than we did before her statement.

  2. First they came for the soccer fields, then they came for the golf course. Next they'll come to dredge and pave over the lakes, and then they'll come for the woods. Finally, they will come for you.

  3. I believe the reason they don't know is because it is up to Fairfax County not RA. Reston is not its own town so the county doesnt have to go through RA to re-zone.

  4. well like everything else nowadays "money talks"
    check out facebook where kids, now adults, talk about growing up in "reston then" sad - todays children will NEVER experience that wondertful childhood


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