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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Indecision 2012: Moving Pictures

It's a Super Tuesday indeed, as voting officially begins for the three open seats on the Reston Association Board of Directors, uniformed federal agents begin delivering the official ballots to our homes, and this fancy YouTube video of candidate statements "drops" (to use political insider speak). Be sure to stick around until the end for Andy Sigle's dulcet-toned explanation of which information on the voting ballot to avoid defacing. You'll never guess!

If you don't break into fever sweats at the sight of the TERRIFYING GIANT BIRD seemingly perched over the shoulders of the candidates in the backdrop of this video, you can also read the candidates' official statements or the interviews done by our BFFs at Patch, or plan on attending a candidates forum at RA Headquarters at 7pm next Wednesday, March 14. Ballots are due at the end of the month, so read up -- and choose wisely.


  1. What's Andy doing wandering around Reston Town Center? RTC is not part of the Reston Association.

    1. I thought RTC banned photography. Ms. Townsend risked Mr. Seigal's arrest for trespass. Tsk! Tsk!


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