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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dream of Reston! The License Plate Remains Elusive As It Enters its Fourth Year

reston plate.jpegThe ongoing dream of joining Parrotheads and Radford graduates by placing a fancy Reston-themed license plate on the back of our respective Prisuses (or is it Priusi?) is apparently continuing into its fourth year, even as the threshold needed to get Virginia to approve the exclamation-point-adorned plates just got higher.

This year the process of getting a special license plate became tougher after the General Assembly increased the number of prepaid applications needed from 350 to 450, as of July 1.

"We just haven't reached the people yet," said Dan McGuire, who has lived in Reston since 1972. "We've advertised. We've gone on TV [and] had stories in the newspapers. We just haven't been able to connect."
According to the "news paper" article, McGuire has about 110 of the 540 applications needed for the Reston plate. But the last time a fancy "news paper" wrote about this, they said McGuire had about 150 applications. Did he receive negative 40 new applications since last fall?

But no matter. McGuire has some new allies in the attempt to represent Reston! at the DMV.
He has asked Del. Tom Rust (R-Dist. 86) of Herndon to carry his license plate legislation once he's collected his signatures. Rust said he has sponsored special plate legislation before, but not within the past six years.

"It's much more difficult to get one now," he said. "They have to get all the applications, which we didn't have before." The point of the applications, Rust said, is to make sure residents want the plate before the lengthy process of approval begins.

McGuire and those who recently joined his effort have until the General Assembly's 2012 session, which begins in eight months, to gather additional signatures.

"Reston is a special place and we are the most premier planned community in the world," said Jane Lee Wong, the North Point Director of the Reston Citizens Association, a nonprofit community organization. Wong joined McGuire's plate petition movement about a month ago.

"Our license plate is how we're going to advertise our community. We're going all out. We'll be reaching out to everyone."
Sweet! Contact information is available on the RCA's fancy new "web site." And maybe some of the residents of the 3,600 new residential units coming online soon will help bump up the signature count, the end.


  1. You should advertise this in Brambleton because there's a substantial number of Reston Wannabes there.

  2. For God's sake -- give it a rest and do something productive for society.

    It's crystal clear, that after four years of efforts, the want is absolutely not there for a Reston license plate.

    There are much more important things to be done -- including supporting the lawsuit against hudgings for her outrageous conflicts of interest and abhorrent waste of our tax dollars on yet another lawsuit to defend her pathetic performance and efforts of dubious, if any, benefit to the county taxpayers.

  3. Just Another Tea PartierApril 28, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    I second 8:47's motion to drop the stupid license plate thing already and get on to the more important business of removing Hudgins. Hey, has anybody actually seen her birth certificate?

  4. Are you serious! Spending time, effort and money on anything that is productive is not the "Reston way". We will spend untold amounts of energy, time and money beating any "dead horse", just to show that we can if we want to -- and you can't do anything about it.

    Move the Doomsday Clock up 3 more minutes, please.

  5. I have seen her birth certificate and it's not revealing that she's an "African-American."

    She's 100 percent red-blooded American just like me -- a citizen of the United States of America (not Africa-America).

    We thank her for her service, but let's take her up on her offer of retirement and let a fresh face lead the district.

    Mother Fairfax would certainly approve.

  6. There's nothing wrong with pushing for the license plate, so long as the other issues are being addressed, and yes, they are. The license plate was started by an individual, not the group as a whole, and it's fully within his right to do so. I've known McGuire for years, and he's a good dude. Ms. Wong is good people too.


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