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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Week in Crime: Police Link Two Reston Bank Robberies; Burgling Meat Salesman Amazingly Not The Fairfax County Hamburgler


What an exciting month in crime! First, we had our serial burglar, and now we have a serial bank robber, who Fairfax County Police believe is responsible for two bank robberies in Reston in the past week, as well as a third in Loudoun County.
102710capitolonebankrobsusp1.jpgPolice are investigating two bank robberies that are linked to the same suspect. The first occurred in the Reston area on Thursday, October 21 at the Presidential Bank and the second was at the Capitol One Bank on Tuesday, October 26. Detectives are talking with Loudoun County regarding similarities to a bank robbery in their jurisdiction that occurred on Wednesday, October 6.

The suspect entered the Presidential Bank at 1675 Reston Parkway, implied a weapon and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. Detectives believe the same suspect robbed the Capitol One Bank at 9883 Georgetown Pike. During this robbery, the suspect pointed a gun at tellers and demanded money. No one was injured and the suspect fled.

In both cases, the suspect was described as a white male in his late 20s. He was 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed approximately 150 to 180 pounds. He wore a black coat, black gloves, and black sunglasses.
Meanwhile, a traveling meat salesmen arrested in connection with a burglary in the Mount Vernon area is not the serial Fairfax County Hamburglar (tm), according to police. That's right, he's not the Hamburglar, even though he is a traveling meat salesman.

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.


  1. It's hotter than Hell outside, and a guy walks into your bank lobby dressed like this -- do you think:
    1. He wants to open a savings account.
    2. He's selling meat door-to-door.
    3. He just flew into Dulles from Iceland, and wants to exchange currency.
    4. He's looking to make a large withdrawal.

  2. I wonder whether, at Presidential Bank, the suspect actually "implied a weapon," or whether bank personnel merely *inferred* a weapon.

  3. Why did Justin Bieber rob a bank?

  4. So hold on, in the Reston robbery where the bank has nothing separating the teller from would-be robbers he doesn't have a gun, but he goes to Capital One (aka Chevy Chase) which is famous for that 3 inch glass between you and the teller and brandishes a weapon that would have been useless?

    Sidenote: Why is this blog so anti-Great Falls? I grew up there. It's not so bad.


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