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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fox Mill Expressway Gets 'No Speeding' Signs; Problem Solved Forever

Like Personal Injury Lawyers Road, Fox Mill Road is one of the semi-secret overland passages Restonians have passed down from generation to generation as a back-road way to get from our beloved beige community to someplace useful -- or at least Vienna and Fairfax City. Vienna placed a variety of "traffic calming" measures along its stretch of Lawyers Personal Injury Road years ago, and now the county is putting up "no speeding" signs along Fox Mill.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved placing signs warning of $200 additional fine for speeding along the segment of Fox Mill Road between Lawyers Road in Reston and Waples Mill Road in Fairfax.

The maximum fine for speeding in a residential zone is $200. The county allows the placement of the signs once traffic engineers confirm that a community has a problem with speeding. The signs cost about $500.
Problem solved.


  1. You mean the guy who lives on Fox Mill up by Lawyers who puts the cardboard cutout of a police officer with a radar gun isn't enough of a deterrent??? Damn. I guess his "slow children at play" will be much safer along Foxmill now.

  2. This is pretty funny, to me. These signs won't work. I travel this road every day, and am sometimes even *passed* on this 2 lane road by high speeders. I loved the police officer cardboard cutout, but I think they made them take it down :( I started to wish they'd put up other people - Obama, The Rock, Martha Stewart..... Maybe Vale Rd is next, but oh wait, then where will the new teen drivers crash?

  3. I think they should take employ further traffic calming measures but turning it into a one-lane road with a bike lane on either side.

  4. He needs a life-size cutout of a police cruiser. Herndon has those two cops with radar guns stationed a couple blocks from the 4-way intersection of Herndon Pkwy and Spring St. They always catch people at rush hour trying to get home at 5 o'clock.

  5. I've lived on fox mill rd for 20 plus years. A $200 fine for any speeding is excessive. This is not going to get commuters to slow down. This is going penalize people who live on fox mill rd. To the moron with the card board cut out cop: if you wanted a safe place for your family to live, maybe you should have bought a house in a neighborhood instead of a place where the front door is less than 10' from major thoroughfare. Moron. Plus, aren't there rules about parking huge boats an other various toys in open site?


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