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Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the YouTubes: Meat the RA Board Candidates

Andy Sigle is back, his dulcet tones apparently gently melting the piles of snow in the background during the opening shots of this month's fancy RA "video news" program. We get to “briefly” meet all of the candidates for the RA Board… and a snake. Also, be sure to sign up for the Nature Center’s “owl pellet pickings” program, the end.


  1. Yet another example of our assessmnets being wasted.

  2. Well... give 'em credit for doing this... it's a thankless job... god bless 'em all...

  3. HIckory Cluster Knuckle DusterMarch 4, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    David Robinson: what was his role in the Rec Center disaster?

    Patrick Ship: Developer's best buddy!

    *Joe Leighton: Best platform. keep pools open, preserve open space.

    Rod Koozman: I thought you were not crazy until the "clap your hands part"

    Ken Knueven: a bit ambiguous.

    Danaher: Developer's best friend!

    *Guy Rando: Groovy dude.

    Mike Collins: "As director..." a bit presumptious eh?

    Rengin Morro: Reston is not a town!

    *Peter Greenberg: Focus on the mission statement... hmm I kinda like that.

  4. LOL! Open the window can you hear clapping?
    (borrowing a scene from "Network")

  5. I heard from my neighbor that Mike Collins has only lived in Reston for 2 years and that he does not own a home in North Point. He is apparently living in a condo owned by his wife's family. I am not sure who I will vote for, but it probably will not be Mike Collins. My husband and I invested our life savings in our home I want a representative that has a bigger long-term investment in North Point.

  6. Can you run for the Reston Association Board and not be a homeowner? Reston Association is a "homeowners" association, no?

  7. That was my first reaction as well. Apparently, you cannot run for your cluster board if you do not own your home. However, you can run for the RA board and represent all of the homeowners in your district. Seems wrong to me, but I was told by our cluster president that is the case.

  8. That's what I thought too. It's a homeowners association -- so you have to be a homeowner. I asked someone who is a cluster president and was told that you cannot run for your cluster board unless you own your home. However, you can run for the RA board. Seems crazy to me.

  9. It's a matter of the governing documents --- cluster, condo or the Reston HOME OWNERS' Association (RHOA) as is its legal name who can or can't be on the board. FWIW: some years ago the RHOA changed its trading as name to the Reston Association, but the legally registered entity is still RHOA.

    In any event, it makes little sense to vote for Collins regardless of where he lives --- for one, he's a newcomer and knows little about Reston. For another, he's a hand-picked favorite of the existing board members, particularly McGee.

    Most importantly, if he has failed to disclose his living arrangements when asked, he's not worthy of one's trust and that's the major issue before the voters this year. As a lawyer, he should know better and probably has an ethical duty to disclose (which depends on whether he is currently a licensed attorney and practicing law). In any case, why deceive? We've been through a disastrous year of the RA's history and one is always well advised to take ths high road always but especially when there is any doubts in any minds.

    In short --- Don't vote for Collins for the reason of your choice.

  10. Wrong. The Governing Documents were updated in 2006. This is now Reston Association, formerly known as Reston Home Owners Association. Read the Deed of Dedication.

    Secondly, all members are eligible to run for the Board. Members are defined in Section III.3(a) of the Association’s Deed as follows

    “(1) Category A. Category A Members shall include all Owners of Lots except Lots owned by Category B Members.

    (2) Category B. Category B Members shall include all Owners of Lots on which a Multifamily Dwelling is constructed. Category B membership shall terminate forever and be converted to Category A membership when the aggregate number of Apartment Units represents less than five percent of the total number of Lots and Apartment Units on the Property.

    (3) Category C. Category C Members shall be all Occupants of residential units on the Property.

    Further, Section III.3(b) of the Reston Deed states that “Except for employees of the Association, any Member in Good Standing who is otherwise eligible, pursuant to Deed Section III.4(c)(6) and Bylaws Section V.1(d), may serve as an elected Director.”

    Don't you give any credit to RA and its consideration of protecting all of us? There is an Elections Committee, tasked with confirming all candidates are eligible and the signatures on their applications are real members? Give up the paranoia...

  11. Anonymous 7:55:

    BTW, got all this off the RA case you would like to get educated. Not hard to find but you strike me as one to be opinionated and not well informed. FALSE Accusations are not necessary. Where is the civility?

  12. I think the point is that Collins does not have a significant investment in North Point. He doesn't own a residence. He has a young family. Chances are good that they will decide to buy a home in the near future. That may or may not be in North Point.

    I just feel more comfortable trusting my vote on the board to someone who has a significant personal investment in North Point.

    The issue is not the governing documents.

  13. Is it just me or do others just think lawyer when you see Collins?

  14. I think more than just lawyer: I think bureaucrat. Zoiks!

    Nice to see everyone's faces and hear their spiels.

  15. I thought Rengin Morro sounded well balanced with good goals. But I live in the gulag . . . where the snakes hang out.

    I appreciate the person above giving us the quick&dirty on just 'who' can be a director. I didn't realize a non-homeowner could conceivably be a director...but if that's true, write in Broke in Charter Oak instead of Mike Collins.

  16. Some may not have seen "Network" now thirty years old. here's a link youtube

    Cate made the point at the candidates presentation that they no longer consider the RA a homeowners association, but you still have to pay the dues!

  17. Couple of points here. Mike moved his family TO Reston, where his wife grew up, chose it as a great community. Can't think of a better way to show commitment, especially with kids. I admire him and Patrick Shipp, and David Robinson for getting involved earlier in their lives here. Can't say so much for some of the other candidates.

    So you really think Rengin Morro has a personal investment in Reston? She moved here in 2004. Peter Greenberg only got involved last year because he was angry and didn't want something in his backyard. What does he do? He owns hotels, sounds like a developer to me. Where? Not here. Lynchburg and NC. Does that make him any more invested in THIS community. I think not.

  18. Hummm, and Robin Smyers endorsed who? Darn, why did I delete that email?

  19. Danaher calls the Fairway Apartments "Profound" . . . going from 390 to 900 units, and across the street from an Elementary School to which all kids within the North Shore Horse shoe can walk until they build it . . .

    The changes these projects will bring to Reston promises to be more profound than anything Reston has witnessed to date.

    I would say that he seems to be one of the best volunteers in Reston but that is really how he thinks. Go for a walk on the trails sometime!

  20. A Concerned North Point HomeownerMarch 5, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    To Anon you questioned Rengin Morro's personal investment in Reston because she moved here in 2004 -- but you support Mike Collins who moved here 2 years ago (that's 2008)? And then you question Peter Greenberg's investment in the community when Peter and his family have lived in North Point for 14 years. I also understand that Peter Greenberg is committed to puting all Reston common land in a trust so that it cannot be developed. With the county and developers foaming at the mouth at the prospect of all the money they can make redeveloping Reston, I for one will rest easier knowing that our common land cannot be developed.

  21. Someone told me that Kevin Danaher who is running for the Lake Anne seat works for RCC and apparently so does his wife. RCC still wants that really big indoor rec center that they didn't get last summer. RCC employees on the RA board -- that's too close for comfort for me.

  22. I'm glad to see so many people following the election closely here. With a busy campaign, I can't respond to every post, but I encourage everyone to learn more about me and my positions at Some thoughts on these comments:

    First of all, let's all remember one of the goals for Reston set forth by Bob Simon in 1962:

    "That it be possible for anyone to remain in a single neighborhood throughout his life, uprooting being neither inevitable nor always desirable. By providing the fullest range of housing styles and prices -- from high-rise efficiencies to 6-bedroom townhouses and detached houses -- housing needs can be met at a variety of income levels and at different stages of family life. This kind of mixture permits residents to remain rooted in the community if they so choose -- as their particular housing needs change. As a by-product, this also results in the heterogeneity that spells a lively and varied community."

    Second, just to clear up any confusion, yes, the home we live in was purchased by my wife's parents about 13 years ago. We were very, very lucky that it became available when we were searching for a place to live in Reston. It is now held in a trust that benefits of our family and I contribute to the mortgage, taxes, upkeep, RA dues, etc. and will benefit from its value over time. (Now I really sound like a lawyer, huh?) So, on one hand, I am personally invested in Reston and have an interest in protecting my in-laws investment too. (Note: I owned a house in California before moving here in 2008, so I understand the feeling of signing one's life away for a mortgage.) Moreover, not only do we love this place and its people, our kids are in school here and we don't intend to uproot them.

    On the other hand, I suppose I could be characterized as a "renter" - just like 33% of all Reston residents (per 2000 census data) AND a newcomer - just like many of the roughly 6,000 people who have moved here since 2000. (I've asked Terry Maynard for more recent data.) Thankfully, Restonians have wisely decided not to exclude these large segments of the population from participating in the closest thing we have to local government. I hope my campaign will encourage more of them to get involved.

  23. The RA Board is NOT a government. The county is the government. If you have any doubts about that remember it was the county who raised the density cap on our residential neighborhoods. RA protested, but did nothing about it.

    I would like all the candidates to state their positions about redeveloping residential neighborhoods.

  24. Sorry Mike. North Point needs a director with some skin in the game, i.e home ownership not a renter. You should check again on the responsibilities of the RA board which is to the RA deed and not Bob Simon’s 1962 vision.

    Your close connection to current RA board members and others who were out to destroy Browns Chapel Park in the name of Bob Simon is too cozy for me. Go ahead and check, RA and RCC board task force voted to name the $100 million facility The Robert E Simon Recreation Center. This is what North Point residents would with the alliance of Bob Simon’s 1962 vision.

    I am voting for Pete Greenberg who worked tirelessly to Save Browns Chapel Park and who understands his responsibility as a North Point RA director would be to the Deed and our Stated mission which is part of our governing documents….not Bob’s 1962 vision.

  25. I started as a renter in Reston in the 70's and have been a homeowner here since the mid-80s. In my days as a renter, I never would have presumed to be able to speak for or represent the homeowners as a Director on the Board. One's perspective is completely different when you are legally (Mike the attorney should be able to relate)liable for the property taxes including SD5, HOA dues etc and have a stake in the appreciation/depreciation of the value of your property as well as your neighbors. Presumption seems to be a distinct quality shared by the slate of candidates supported by Chew, Smyers, Simon et al.

  26. Mr. Koozmin, to paraphrase: I knew Peter Finch and you are no Peter Finch (or Howard Beale for that matter).

  27. RA board already has a specific designate for renter representation - Tim McMahan. Tim sits on the RA board and represents renters in Reston. Tim is up for re-election next year.

    North Point Homeowners need someone besides Mike Collins who is a renter to represent them on the Reston Association Homeowners board.

  28. Mike Collins invokes Robert Simon in his post. He and some other candidates are endorsed by Mr. Simon. It is worth looking at where Mr Simon stands on developing Reston. In the Reston magazine he stated his goals:

    "Revitalizing Lake Anne Village Center and rebuilding North Point, Tall Oaks, Hunters Woods and Southlakes as village centers with central plazas bounded by DENSE residential buildings

    Converting the property designated as Town Center, other than the Market Street environment to HIGH DENSITY residential buildings to supplement community functions.

    Developing Reston Center for Industry and Growth as DENSE mixed use.

    Developing air rights over the Toll Road with HIGH DENSITY mixed use."

    Mr. Simon seems obsessed with a DENSE Reston. What do you think the candidates he endorses will do to Reston?

  29. That's the way it was always intended, Kevin. Lake Anne was supposed to have 3 high rise buildings, not just the one, as an example. Get over it. With Metro coming, there will be development. We need people on RA's board who know how to get it done the right way. Not by yelling at people, slandering them, and causing them to throw their hands up. Remember in the RCIG they don't have to play nice with anyone but the County. Reston needs representation that can get our voice be heard.

  30. Yes Reston needs someone whose voice will be heard and a board who is willing to stand up to the county and the RCC, both of which have different priorities than RA, and those people are Peter Greenberg, Joe Leighton and Ken Kneuven. The current board is way too close with Supervisor Hudgins and they rubber stamp everything the county wants to do. Likewise, it was the current board that was ready to give away our land to RCC/Fairfax County.

  31. Hickory Cluster Knuckle DusterMarch 5, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    That's why I'm voting for Guy Rando for the LAke ANne/Tall Oaks rep and Joe Leighton for at-large.

    The HCKD ticket:

    Guy Rando: An Urban planner with deep roots in the community (40 years) who opposes redevelopment of residential neighborhoods and favors more active participation in the development of the Dulles Corridor.

    And Joe's simple : keep pools open and preserve open space platform can't be beat, especially in a community where these things are very important to us and our culture.

    Vote RANDO and JOE, it's the way to go!


  32. Anon 4:18 - do you lack the courage to post with your name?

    No I don't have to get over it. If I am opposed to dense, dense, dense, dense (that's the number of times that Simon said it in four bullets) it is my point of view and I am entitled to it. I did not yell at or slander anyone. The quote is directly from Robert Simon. You are sounding a little defensive, even desperate. And what you do with your hands is entirely up to you. I can assure you that I have no interest.

    I accept that there will be development. I don't accept that we have to submit to developers.

  33. In response to the question raised by Hickory Cluster Knuckle Duster, my (David Robinson) role in the proposed Rec Center was much like those that showed up to express their displeasure with the concepts presented. I led a table discussion at the last public meeting. It would seem as though my reasons for not approving of this were the same as many others: cost, size / scope, etc.

  34. I am a little perplexed by the view that Bob Simon is God. Because he wants a "dense" Reston, we should just kowtow to whatever he wants? The man is a developer. He is not an elected official, and he isn't the Second Coming. And his attitudes about people in Reston who have differing viewpoints (that they are filled with chutzpah for daring to speak their minds, and should summarily shut up) are beyond insulting.

  35. RA Director Tim McMahon represents the Apartment Owners.He does not represent the renters

  36. Congratulations Restonian -- it appears that several of the candidates are watching your blog closely, both for your posts and people's comments!

  37. I have been told by several people that there are problems with the online voting. It seems that people are able to cast a vote for the at-large candidate, but then are blocked from voting for their district rep. This has been going on since Friday. RA claimed the problem was fixed, but I have been told that many people are still experiencing the problem. It does not affect everyone... Is this an RA conspiracy?

  38. voting problems ... ?? figures...

  39. It seem that the voting problems mostly affect owner occupants in North Point. Could this be profiling of Brown's Capel supporters?

    If I take my meds the conspiracy voices stop talking.

  40. I am stunned that the RA would say that it is not an homeowners' association. That's the most arrogant thing yet to come out of the incompetent leadersship that is wasting our assessment dollars every day.


    Vote for Joe Leighton, vote for Peter Greenberg and vote for Ken Knueven

  41. Mike Collins IS (or was trained as) a lawyer.

  42. Anonymous said...
    Mr. Koozmin, to paraphrase: I knew Peter Finch and you are no Peter Finch (or Howard Beale for that matter).

    March 5, 2010 1:14 PM

    He was a hard act to follow.

    Out for a dog walk and doing a informal survey most people I asked had not voted yet and most were just vaguely aware of the election stuff coming in the mail. Clearly at least 85% of Reston are not going to vote and the advantage lies with the endorsed candidates. If I could talk to them one on one I think I could convince most to vote for me.

  43. What is Leighton's, Greenburg's & Knueven"s position on lighting Browns Chapel fields #1 & #2? Anybody know?

    At the Arch forum, Knueven kept talking about building more outdoor tennis courts and ignoring that the point of the PPAC recommendation was to provide a place to play in the winter. He appeared to oppose the indoor tennis facility but didn't say so.

    Greenburg appeared to oppose the tennis facility also emphasizing "pay as you go" when that would mean no capital projects of any kind since the impact of such projects costs on current assessments would be unsupportable.

    "Pay as you go" would also mean current homeowners subsidizing future homeowners use of such facilities by imposing the entire cost of the projects on current owners instead of spreading the capital costs over the life of the facility.

    What the hell is this idea of another covenant protecting the open space? The current covenants already do that. Who would hold that covenant? This entity would have to approve any future renovations to existing facilities. We already have to DRBB and County approval to renovate the pools and tennis courts. Why add another layer of bureaucracy to the renovation effort which RA will need to do more often as the years go by? Seems like the proponents of this additional covenant don't trust RA members to protect their own open space.

  44. I was at the ARCH meeting and it appeared to me nobody was in favor of new anything except Danaher... the cnversations seemed to focus on down economy and manage to budgets...

  45. When I see the nationwide protests by students over budget cuts and tuition increases, I cringe at the prospect our own members wanting new, bright, and shiny toys. Absolutely amazing. Our own county is contemplating fewer teachers, cops, and firefighters, while having to increase taxes -- anyone get their county bill yet...?? The argument appears to be - we are only studying the idea... Well take the idea, file it, and get back to maintaining what we've got with the budget we have - show some damned leadership. And if you can't lead, let the members get some leaders in there. I didn't like the tactics of the SBC folks last year, but I'm listening now. Their message seems to be clear -- contsrtaint, logic, and just plain common sense...

  46. Am I missing something or were Greenburg's and Knueven's answer to everything was "no." No new housing, no new facilities, cut and slash the RA budget. Maintain the status quo with less money.

    Cause we're all afraid and angry. Afraid of the present and the future. Angry at how little control we individually have over that present and future. There's nothing logical about that. There is no common sense in just saying no to everything.

    Fear is a lousy reason to ask to be elected.

  47. It's not fear -- and I did not hear "no". I heard common sense.

    We are all managing within our budgets these days and we make sure we prioritize our spending – the RA Board needs to do the same. In our household, some things are being put on hold - as we assume money inflow will be flat with the slim threat of no inflow if job is lost.

    Do you want a new tennis facility with pro-shop and snack bar -- or do you want to see the RA paths repaired, RA lighting repaired; more RA lighted path areas; our existing pools and sports facilities repaired and yes enhanced; those lights at the ball field; beautifying our entry ways again; cleaning the common areas...etc. The limited money in our budget (which is still in the black at the moment) is probably better spent on making sure -- what we have stays in top shape.

    I have no doubt this board has best intentions, but it is behaving like the budget is their money –it’s ours. They actually discuss debt instruments for large capital outlays – really. Columbia went down that path. The board has taken on too many early “idea & planning” discussions in executive session. They have taken the liberty to assume they know best.

  48. I ask how many of the candidates have worked with real budgets? Have any of these candidates worked in environments where their performance is measured by staying within budgtet? I got the impression at the ARCH meeting a few of these folks assumed -- if we don't have the money, we just raise the assessment -- standard operating procedure (life goes on).

    It appears some of these folks are associated with budgets that make RA's look like the wart on a back side of a flea. I'd love to get their reaction to all of this...

  49. Anon 8:23 All candidates demonstrated familiarity with budgets. As each Board member lives here, the accumulated assessments are their money and our money. RA manages budgets every year. Nothing different about this year. Greenburg & Knueval didn't reveal their priorities. Where would Greenburg & Knueval cut first to keep the assessments frozen? [Crickets]

    Have you actually looked at the layout for the tennis facility? There is no pro shop. It's a counter to sell spare tennis balls. There is no snack bar. Its a fairly spartan layout.

    You borrowed to pay for your house because you're going to use it for more than one year. Borrowing for capital expenditures is the wiser course according to every financial management theory. To do otherwise is irresponsible.

    There are well established guidelines to follow to maintain a healthy balance sheet for an hoa and no candidate advocated assuming debt in excess of these levels.

  50. Anon 8:23 ... good points... but I'm still concerned. I just sense a clubhouse atmosphere at RA HQ.

  51. Anon 9:10 what's a "clubhouse atmosphere?"

    RA staff has a lot of folks who've been there a long time who tend to dress informally. The furnishings, carpet, paint and paper are worn and slightly threadbare.

  52. Anon 10:01 LOL. I think the term "clubhouse atmosphere" was intended to say "outsiders not welcome -- our way, or no way..."

    I can see that...

  53. Anon 9:10 & Anon 10:12 so "clubhouse" really meant "cliche" as in "we belong and you don't." Ya, I definitely see that. Though I think its unintended and not malicious. A negligence in not making strangers to the HQ welcome.

  54. cliche should have been spelled clique

  55. Anon 10:28 PM -- agreed... well said.

  56. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 7, 2010 at 12:40 AM

    (Reads thread while shaking head. Reflects fondly upon upscale apartment in a high-rise he toured today near Ballston for the same monthly price his Reston apartment will be renting for in a couple of months). Do I want transit-oriented development or a bunch of 50-something NIMBYs? By the way, Arlington has roughly four times the population of Reston. The traffic today was heavier in RESTON than it was in Arlington. Just some food for thought before you people go with your "Arlington = EVIL" comments.

  57. BiCO... my wife and I live in Reston and love it.. we go to Arlington cuz the Town Center is a bit fake and corporate for us... can'te wait to have metro and get best of both worlds... heck, even go into DC... BTW we have a single family home, and look forward to this new development...

  58. Traffic is better in Arlington because Arlington, like a real city, actually has roads, a grid of streets. Reston was designed to be a suburb. The fellow who laid out North Shore Drive recently told me he did it so people would drive 10 mph because of all the kids who would be playing in the area. There was a plan here and TOD wasn't part of that plan. Neither was having 125,000-150,000 residents. Reston was designed for 80,000 people

    Go ahead and go to Arlington, BiCO, and don't look back. We'll never forget you.

  59. Simon's original plan was to have at least two residential towers - possibly up to three at Lake Anne. That would have been a lot of residents using North Shore. Reston was desigend to be a planned community -- Simon's concept focused on more people per acre -- more townhomes, mid-rises, high-rises, and yes, detached single family, as well as commercial -- all mixed. If you look at his original idea of the seven Village Centers. we aint even close yet. Go to the on-line George Mason Archves of Reston -- very revealing.

  60. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 7, 2010 at 12:10 PM

    Anonymous @ 8:32 AM: My personal beef is that I'll soon be expected to pay well over $1,300/month for a 1-BR apartment in Reston when I toured a few apartments yesterday within a mile's walk of the Ballston Metro for that same price point. I just don't understand why Reston's rental market is so over-inflated compared to adjacent communities. Reston and Arlington should NOT have comparable pricing; Reston should be cheaper. This place in Arlington I toured had parquet hardwood flooring throughout, a huge balcony (some with views of the National Cathedral), built-in bookshelves, and was in a quiet leafy neighborhood (Cherrydale) just north of Ballston and a closer commute to my office in McLean. Why wouldn't I move?

    Anonymous @ 10:08 AM: Reston was initially intended to have had 80,000 residents. It currently has just 65,000 (estimated) and is already choked with traffic during the evening rush. Imagine how much worse it will be with just 15,000 more, let alone with 35,000-50,000 more residents. You're 100% correct that the street system here is inadequate. There aren't enough north/south arteries over the Toll Road, and most of the roads are narrow and meander aimlessly. Temporary Road WILL become a choke point in the future, and if a light is ever put in at North Shore & Temporary I'm wondering if traffic on Temporary will back up to the intersection of Temporary & Reston Parkway. It's not my fault that Reston's street network wasn't laid out in an efficient grid, as was Arlington. This is why I drove right through the heart of Ballston, Virginia Square, and Clarendon yesterday without any hassle whereas I hit heavier traffic on Reston Parkway. To those boo-hooing about "Arlingtonizing" Reston have any of you ever BEEN to Waverly Hills, Cherrydale, or other single-family-detached-dominated leafy residential neighborhoods near to Metro, or are you just relying upon hysteria? Those neighborhoods were nicer than Reston!

    Anonymous @ 10:18 AM: You're 100% correct. Reston still isn't nearly at the point yet that it was originally intended to have been, but the NIMBYs don't want to hear that. If you all wanted "lots of elbow room" then why didn't you all move to Loudoun County? Fairfax County has over one million people already and will likely attract a good chunk of the two million MORE people expected to move to Metro DC in the coming years. Folks in Reston can continue to be NIMBY, but what will happen? People will put up more cul-de-sacs in Loudoun County and commute THROUGH Reston or TO Reston, making our traffic situation twice as bad as it currently is. I'd rather have those residents HERE to minimize their usage of vehicles instead of encouraging them to DRIVE HERE or DRIVE THROUGH HERE! Then again, since I'm moving shortly I'll be out of all of your hair anyways.

  61. Well said BiCO...

  62. "Why wouldn't I move? "
    BiCO, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

    Seriously, enjoy Arlington. And when you get a little older and find a partner and adopt a couple of kids, then it would be interesting to hear your tune.


  63. Hi new poster here--and after reading several posts have decided to post with an approximation of my name, wouldn't want anyone to think I lacked courage.

    So interesting to read all of this...I have to say what mystifies me the most is how do people think they will stop development from happening? My understanding of Fairway is that they can "by rights" redevelop that and the Reston Heights area. How could an RA Board member stop that? Wouldn't it be better to try and influence it to the betterment of all of Reston? I'm worried by candidates that make rigid statements about what they will and won't do. That doesn't seem to be in the best interest of Reston. Am I wrong?

  64. There is plenty of room for development, but it has to be done in the right way. There has to be open space. There have to be amenities for new residents. There has to be adequate infrastructure (roads) in place to accomodate the additional traffic.

    "By rights" does not exist in areas in Reston covered by the Reston deed. Every development proposal must be reviewed by the DRB.

    Have a look at Guy Rando's facebook page.!/profile.php?v=info&ref=nur&id=100000690407654

    And have a look at the Specific Planning Principles he wrote:

    If you live in the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks area you can vote for Guy Rando.

  65. Wasn't it Guy Rando that drove around for years with a big cut out on his truck thumbing it's nose at the RA or DRB Board? That doesn't seem productive.

  66. Does thumbing your nose at the DRB work? I wanna do that. They let my neighbor cut down 21 trees without permission and haven't done a thing about it. She hasn't replanted even one. I want one of those cut out things.

  67. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 7, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    Anon 4:19

    Does the DRB even know what your neighbor did? If not, send a letter anonymously to the DRB about your neighbor's Paul Bunyan exploits. It may sound sneaky to be anonymous, but if you file a complaint with your name on it, the RA would have to inform your neighbor who filed the complaint if she asked. Hate to come off like the East German Stasi on this whole thing of reporting anonymously, but on the other hand we all have to co-exist with our neighbors, even the ones who are brain dead.

    This is what I'd like to see the DRB put more emphasis on -- major offenses such as people who blatantly disregard the rules on protecting the tree canopy, rather than agonizing over the exact shade of blue somebody can paint their shutters. A neighbor on my street did the same thing to his trees, and I regret like hell that I didn't file an anonymous complaint to the DRB about it before he did his second round of tree cutting.

    And even if the tree-cutting on your street happened some time ago and all the evidence has been removed, even down to the stumps being ground out, the DRB can still find evidence of what was on that lot simply by going to Google Maps for a satellite view of your street. The satellite photos of Reston seem to be at least a couple of years old, and were taken in winter, so the amount of trees on anybody's property is pretty damn obvious.

    Send the letter.

  68. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 7, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Yep. Spoken in true Restonian fashion from someone who is delusional enough to think Reston, which is 20+ miles outside the city with no Metrorail access, few sidewalks, and no sense of being "urbane" or "chic" is worth the same price as Arlington, a place within walking distance to Metro, a place with lots of character and charm, a place with SIDEWALKS, and a place that is nearly walking distance to the District. What is with this notion that suburbs are supposedly "better" for families, anyways? The only way the public school systems inside the Beltway are going to improve is if upstanding middle-class families start flooding back INTO the city (as they have been in the past few years). If I can pay $1,350/month for a 1-BR place in Arlington with hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves, a nice view from the balcony, and a short walk to the train OR a 1-BR place in Reston with wall-to-wall carpeting, a broken shower, a broken stove, and separated from businesses by a busy high-speed roadway, then why wouldn't I move? What's the appeal to Reston if you're young and broke?

  69. Tree cutting is the jurisdiction of the Covenants Committee. FFX flew the entire County every other year from '46 to 2000 and every 4 years since. Demonstrating what trees were cut is easy.

  70. " I just don't understand why Reston's rental market is so over-inflated compared to adjacent communities. "

    It's what the market will bear, Bico. Obviously some people think living in Reston *is* worth more, or noone would be paying that much. Seriously, though, once you move and have nothing left to whine about, what will you do with all your free time?

    If you want to move, MOVE! You've made it clear overandoverandover that you do not like it here. Why do you need to clog this board with your constant bitching and moaning?

  71. From: Robin Smyers
    Date: March 5, 2010 10:16:23 PM EST
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;
    Subject: Good Candidates to Support - Please VOTE

    Dear Friends and Fellow RA Members,
    The RA Board of Directors candidates’ ballots have been mailed and it is very important that those whom we elect are people of integrity. There have been unfounded attacks on RA recently, led by a special interest group looking out for its own agenda, rather than looking out for Reston as a whole. This coalition has put forth a partisan slate of candidates who, if elected, could cause much harm to Reston.

    Please give your consideration to the following non-partisan candidates who have experiences that would make them thoughtful and contributing board members and who are enthusiastic about Reston and willing to put in the work needed to guide us in the years ahead.

    If you live in Lake Anne/Tall Oaks or in North Point, you have the opportunity to vote for two of these three excellent candidates.
    If you live in South Lakes or Hunters Woods/Dogwood, you can only vote for David, but he’s terrific!

    *On a personal note, even though I will soon be leaving Reston, my heart and passion for this community will never fade. This community is worthy of the enthusiasm these fine candidates are willing to dedicate to our members and your vote counts!! This community deserves leaders who have no personal agendas, vendettas, but bring educated ideas and openness to this important time.


    1622 Bennington Hollow Lane
    Reston, VA 20194
    Home: (703) 707-0909


    1795 Ivy Oaks Square
    Reston, VA. 20190
    Home: (703) 709-5283


    11408 Gate Hill Place
    Reston, VA 20194
    Home: (571) 969-4903
    Facebook: Mike Collins for Reston Association

  72. Wow, the existing board getting into it... wondering if the President's endorsement will help or hurt...?

  73. And she's cashing out... so much love for Reston.

  74. That slate is exactly who we should be voting AGAINST!

  75. Smyers is clearly the one with a vendetta.