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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Tax Day, That's Tea, Not Brown Algae in Lake Anne

As the Obama administration continues its hope-fueled reign of terror, a few brave men and women remain unbowed, willing to risk all to protest creeping socialism and nekkid community theater performances and whatnot. And despite Reston's reputation as a haven for electric car-drivin', organic food-eatin' liberals, a "Tax Day Tea Party" will be held from 6:30-8pm tonight at the Lake Anne Village Center.

The event even has its own awesome Facebook page, where as of Tuesday night, 168 brave patriots had flaunted the draconian Big Brother policies of Barack Obama, the Reston Association and the dreaded 3-way stop intersection outside the plaza to say, yes, we will mill around awkwardly in front of the closed Tavern on the Lake, wondering why microwaved tapas wasn't a big hit. Here's one of them:

The "we" in "WE SURROUND THEM" includes the likes of the Arlington County Taxpayers Association, Fairfax County Taxpayers Association, Loudoun Taxpayers For Accountable Government, American Conservative Party, Republican Liberty Caucus, Libertarian Party, Campaign For Liberty, and the Constitution Party. Someone named Leslie Carbone, who wrote a book called "Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform," which we assume is some sort of Ayn Randian fantasy, only maybe with giants and swords and D&D type stuff, will host, and hopefully toss the first symbolic Tea Bag of Oppression into Lake Anne, where it will immediately become unrecognizable amid the murky depths.

Look. We're no fan of paying income taxes on the $1.67 in ad revenue this filthy web-log brings in, but you don't see us grabbing packs of Lipton's and throwing them at the statue of Bob Simon. But we will seriously pay the first person who sends us a picture of a person holding a sign saying "NO FULL MONTY" at the "party." We might even vote for Ron Paul next time around!


  1. Well, I attended the Reston Tea Party, which ended up being held at Baron Cameron Park (more permitting problems, perhaps?).

    All I can say is if this is the start of the revolution, we are about to be taken over by a gaggle of "well-fed" senior citizens. Scary stuff!

    I wanted to stay and commemorate this historic day, but the sound system was so bad that the speakers were inaudible from 15 feet away. And it was raining. Also.

  2. I clicked on three of your Google ads (I had a sudden but brief interest in a career in law enforcement). I figure your ad revenue is up 9% now.

  3. Thanks, J. Bill, but now I'll have to pay income taxes on that, and as we all know, taxes are EVIL.

    Good luck with that career in law enforcement, though.

  4. I was an organizer of the Baron Cameron/Lake Anne TEA party. We had no intentions of putting tea or any thing else in Lake Anne. We were going to send as many participants to the shops and restaurants as wanted to go to show our gratitude for allowing us to congregate in the plaza. We had not intended to use any amplification, but when we moved to the park we needed it. The Lake Anne Condo Owners Association's president, Mr. Thompson, (hope I spelled it right) politely stated that the association's by-laws prohibited the use of the plaza for a gathering such as ours. We respected his wishes and were able to turn most of the participants around and sent them to the park. Our intent was not to disrupt life at the plaza but to show our feelings about the current and future legislation. We did have about 4-500 people show up. That surprised us! We stood in the rain and were interviewed by News 7 and were portrayed fairly as concerned citizens. The park, as the plaza would have been, was cleaner than when we arrived. Oh! I also clicked on your adds.


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