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Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking: Missing Reston Woman, Kids Found Safe in Fluvanna County

A Reston woman who disappeared with her two children last week was found by police Friday afternoon in Central Virginia, where she was staying with friends.


  1. Thank God all are safe.

  2. Who drove her to Fluvanna?

  3. Media needs to get off the "mental illness/disorder" thing! How many times do they need to be told her "anxiety/Ptss" was due to losing co-workers at the Pentagon on 911? Guess it made the whole thing even more sensational and that's all that matters, right? Also, withhold judgment about "fitness" (or lack thereof) of "Daddy." Maybe Mom had a good reason to run....

  4. I'm sure you guys are aware, but you're featured in the Washingtonian!



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