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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to Reston! Now fork out $1500 for a new door

Reston blogger Rebecca recently became a homeowner for the first time. Of course, she became a first-time homeowner in Reston, which means that instead of a basket full of fruit and discount coupons from local merchants, she probably got a friendly letter from the HOA.

You probably can't read the note I wrote on the arrow - but the arrow is pointing toward the 'ILLEGAL' door on my house that is going to cost me $1500 to replace... SO frustrating!
Wow... it's so clearly... undoorlike. And non-earth-toned. And partially opaque.

We're sure replacing it with a mauve, windowless slab of wood will do wonders for the aesthetics.


  1. Can someone tell us why the RA Covenents staff didn't catch this during their pre-closing inspection, so that the prior owner fixed the problem?

  2. For the record - I DID know the door had to be replaced. (The house was a foreclosure so I couldn't demand the previous owners to fix it.)

    What I didn't know was that the door frames in our complex are a non-standard door size, and that I would have to have a door custome made so it would fit into a funky door frame size. So THAT is the problem, my friend...

    On that note - does anybody know how to change the light bulb in those funny ball lights that hang in the stairwell?!?!?


  3. Then the discount received at the foreclosure sale included this cost.

    Sorry for your inonvenience.

  4. It's all good - just didn't expect the DOOR to be such a costly pain... For the most part - I am really enjoying Reston and all the perks that come with living here.

  5. you like the perks in living in Reston?
    it sucks, i have been living in Reston for about 10 years. The RA is the NAZI of Reston. They are in everybodys business. if you have a single family home they are all into what you have around your house. i hate it. my next move is out of Reston.
    they love their trees so much, then why not take care of them.
    most of the trees are in bad shape. trees falling all over in a strong wind storm. i also tell everybody i know not to purchase in Reston.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    After living here for over 25 years, I have raised a family, worked with and for our community, volunteered in our schools, and I too have had to deal with RA and the planned community governance of Reston, and I couldn't disagree with you more. I have watched Reston grow from a fledgling town, to a national leader in what a long term, planned community can offer. I too, at one time, battled with RA over the color of the trim on our townhouse. It seemed so petty, so insignificant, and the color I wanted wasn't but a few shades off of what was already offered in our cluster. However, after going through the process of requesting a color modification with RA, I had a much better understanding of the reasons behind the strict controls that are set in our community. I will never have to worry about my property value going down the tubes because some, shall we say, creative neighbor decided to paint their home purple with lime green trim (And I have seen a home like this in Great Falls). I will never have to worry about my neighbor deciding to park three junk cars in his driveway to try and piecemeal them into a fourth car. I would also like to mention, the color change that we had requested was granted, so I didn't find the process Naziesque, but democratic.

    Yes, I agree, Reston has some strict, and sometimes rather petty guidelines by which it governs itself. However, the last time I checked, we in America live in a republic. Which by definition, affords and ensures a certain equality within and among its community. So, I guess if you would rather live in a place where there are no guidelines to protect you from that purple and lime green house going up next to yours, by all means, put your house on the market, and don't let the door hit you on the bum on your way out.

  7. I'm sick of this place too. The RA covenants are so outdated for single family homes. And I'm tired of getting approval for things. Don't do anything remotely cutting edge (that means something that was done 20 years ago).


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