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Monday, June 2, 2008

RA declares war on trailers, boats, motor homes and other staples of Americana

For everyone who naively thought it was their God-given right as an American (and a Reston resident, which is the Next Best Thing) to park their 18-wheeler, family motor home, boat trailer or other slice of wheeled, gas-guzzling Americana on the mean streets of Reston (or at least Soapstone Drive), the RA has just one thing to say for you: It's on.

The Reston Association Board of Directors passed a resolution at its May meeting on Thursday, May 22, to send a letter to Fairfax County Supervisor Catherine Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) requesting an establishment of a Large Area Community Parking District (CPD) in Reston.

The district would restrict certain vehicles from parking on public streets in residential areas. The restricted vehicles include boat trailers, boats, motor homes and trailers or semi-trailers — even when attached to a vehicle. Vehicles parked up to 48 hours for the purposes of loading, unloading or preparing for a trip are exempt from the restrictions.
Because what Reston really needs is more signage! Seriously, this will be a relief to folks who live along Soapstone Drive or Ridge Heights Road, whose pristine vistas of the 7-11 and/or the Home Depot have been obscured by such unsightly conveyances. Plus, it's annoying and unsafe for Reston's high percentage of small, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles and Smart Cars.

Now if we can just get rid of the spastically dancing open house sign, the mean streets of Reston will be safe once more.

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