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Monday, October 22, 2007

Only in Reston...

Could someone with free time on their hands trying to improve a pedestrian crossing near Reston Town Center be the inspiration for a Pulitzer-worthy, 1,100-word story.

While there won't be a shiny new traffic light, complete with state of the art anti-encroachment lasers on loan from Haliburton and a speaker blaring the Macarena for the hearing impaired at the intersection of Market Street and Town Center Parkway, a new light and crosswalk are about to go into service on Reston Parkway, linking Fake Downtown to the expensive condos directly across the way -- and sparing the residents there the approximately 2.6 minutes it takes to walk to existing traffic light-guarded crosswalks 100 yards from their homes. Which is all good, because Reston Parkway never gets congested as it is.

We're all for keeping Reston a walkable community, especially given the challenges of high-density development. But we're also all for asking people to actually--what's the word?--oh, right. Walk.


  1. I was glad to see an intersection going up. If this "fake" downtown is ever to become real, Reston Parkway will need a whole lot more lights and pedestrian features.

  2. Hope that wasn't sarcasm, Mirza's a great reporter.

  3. Absolutely not. But I worked at newspapers long enough to know that not every story was destined for the clip file.


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